Water Damage Claims

Water damage if left unchecked can destroy your property. In many instances, if you do not file a water damage claim, the water damage can be extraordinarily expensive to undertake on your own. Very often you will have to file an insurance water damage claim in order to get full compensation for your loss. Insurance companies are well-versed in denying, delaying and underpaying valid water damage claims. They often embed archaic, ambiguous and incomprehensible language into their insurance contracts in an attempt to finally avoid paying for the visible or latent effects of water damage.

For example, insurance companies will often argue that mold growth this separate from water damage (a covered peril under the policy) even though the water damage led to the mold growth. The cause and extent of water damage may be very clear to you, however, you may find that your insurance carrier denies, delays or underpays your insurance claim. We have great experience in insurance claim disputes, and as a result, our expertise can help maximize your recovery. We can also help in other cases of insurance claims disputes.

Causes of a Water Damage Claim

Some causes of Water Damage that can generate a water damage claim include:

  • Broken Plumbing Lines
  • HVAC (Air Conditioning) System Leaks
  • Water Heater Leaks
  • Roof Leaks
  • Shower Leaks

Salas Law Firm can also represent policyholders with an insurance claim dispute in cases such as:

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