Real Estate

Proficient Legal Representation for a Wide Range of Real Estate Matters

The most complex financial deals many Floridians are involved in are commercial and residential real estate transactions. And, despite months of meticulous work by realtors, mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals, legal disputes may still arise for a variety of reasons. 

Salas Law Firm handles quiet title lawsuits, partition actions, and many other types of property disputes. A common way for real estate disputes to arise is through a seller’s failure to disclose relevant information about a commercial or residential property. Additionally, our attorneys have experience advocating for clients facing foreclosure and helping them find alternatives. Whatever precipitates litigation surrounding real estate that matters to you, our attorneys stand ready to effectively represent you.

Whether you need us to review a purchase or construction contract, prosecute or defend a purchase contract claim, file a claim of lien, foreclose your lien, make a bond claim, make a claim for damages, provide or defend against a Chapter 558 notice, or defend a construction-related claim, we have experience in these matters and are available to assist you.