Hurricane and Windstorm Damage

Anyone living in Florida knows that the state has had its fair share of windstorms, tropical depressions, tropical storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. Windstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms, tropical depressions and hurricanes can cause substantial property damage. often time, after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tropical storm, you might have to file a hurricane claim or a windstorm claim. In addition to your structural and physical damages to your home, your personal property is often damaged in the storms. Additionally, your business may be unable to operate as a result of loss of electricity and other utilities which translates into lost profits.

When a windstorm damages your home or business, insurance companies will attempt to underpay and underestimate the full extent of the damage or deny your hurricane claim or windstorm claim entirely. Also, when large scale catastrophic events occur, insurance companies get flooded with thousands of claims. Without the representation of an experienced insurance claim lawyer, insurers attempt to unreasonably delay paying your claim. Don’t settle for less than you deserve or a lowball payment; let us represent you against the insurance companies in your insurance claim disputes.

What to do for a hurricane claim or a windstorm claim?
Call Salas Law Firm at (954) 315-1155 if you are getting the run-around from your insurance company. We can effectively evaluate and pursue your claim in order to get you the money you deserve. If you don’t recover, we don’t recover.

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