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In Fiscal Year 2022, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received over 
24,000 new harassment charges, an alarming reminder of workplace harassment prevalence.

Facing harassment can be a daunting and isolating experience. You may feel powerless and alone in the face of such behavior, but it is important to remember that you are not alone.

If you experience any harassment and have no avenue for redress, we at Salas Law Firm are available to help you fight for your rights. Our experienced attorneys will protect your rights and support you throughout the process.

Understanding Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment constitutes any unwelcome conduct based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information. 

The impact of workplace harassment on employees is profound and multifaceted.

It can lead to decreased job satisfaction, reduced work productivity, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and even physical health problems. The stress and emotional turmoil caused by harassment can create a hostile work environment, not only for the victim but also for their colleagues.

Types of Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment can manifest in various forms, each carrying its own set of challenges and implications.

Sexual Harassment: This includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It can be blatant, like unwanted touching, or subtle, like suggestive comments.

Racial Harassment: This form involves derogatory comments, jokes, or actions based on an individual’s race or ethnicity. It can range from racial slurs to the dissemination of racially offensive symbols.

Age-Based Harassment: Often targeting older employees, this involves making derogatory remarks about a person’s age or enforcing stereotypes related to aging.

Disability Harassment: This includes offensive remarks or actions related to a person’s physical or mental disability, often undermining their capabilities or ridiculing their condition.

Gender Harassment: Harassment based on gender involves treating someone unfairly because of their gender, which can include enforcing gender stereotypes about specific genders.

Religious Harassment: This type involves negative actions against someone because of their religious beliefs, practices, or appearance related to those beliefs.

National Origin Harassment: Discrimination or harassment based on a person’s nationality, accent, or related cultural practices falls under this category.

Harassment Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: This includes derogatory remarks or discriminatory actions based on an individual’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Employers need to recognize and address these issues promptly to maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Legal Framework: State and Federal Laws

Federal laws, particularly Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, lay the foundation for workplace harassment in the U.S. This law, along with others like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), prohibits discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, and age.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces these laws, handling complaints, investigations, and, if necessary, legal action against employers.

In Florida, additional protection is provided by state-specific laws, including the Florida Civil Human Rights Act and the Florida Fair Employment Practices Act, as well as local ordinances, further strengthening the stance against workplace harassment.

Fight Back Against Workplace Harassment with Salas Law Firm

An employment harassment attorney plays a crucial role in addressing workplace disputes, particularly those related to harassment and discrimination. Salas Law Firm is dedicated to supporting victims of workplace harassment and employment discrimination, a crucial aspect of employment law cases. We start by meticulously documenting incidents and gathering evidence and witness accounts to build a robust case.

Our experienced workplace harassment attorneys are committed advocates, skilled in handling legal proceedings, negotiations, and settlements, always striving for outcomes that respect your dignity and rights.

We offer more than just legal assistance; we provide personal support, acknowledging the emotional impact of harassment. Stand with us as we guide you towards justice.

Claim your free 30-minute legal consultation with Salas Law Firm today, and set out on your path to reclaiming your rights.

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