How Does Hurricane Ian Affect Your Homestead?

  Florida has homestead protection laws that secure your primary residence from a lot of potential threats: rising property taxes, probate, and creditors. This protection stays in place even if your home is damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ian, and even applies to the insurance proceeds you may receive in the aftermath. However, if you fail to maintain this protection, it might be wiped out. What is a Homestead in Read More

Need a Photo For Your Listing? Don’t Use Google!

You’ve decided to sell your waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale. To make the home look as appealing as possible online, you’ve engaged a photographer friend to take some beautifully-staged indoor photos. Now all you need is an equally spectacular sunrise picture that no aspiring homeowner will be able to resist. Since you’re not a morning person (or a photographer, for that matter), you decide to see what’s Read More

What is ‘As Is’ in a Real Estate Contract?

You’ve probably come across the phrase ‘as is’ when scanning used car websites or craigslist descriptions. In this context, it usually means that the car or item is being sold in its current condition and if you buy it, you accept it with all faults, even those not readily apparent.  With real estate, it’s different. Although many people believe that a property sold ‘as is’ must be accepted regardless of the Read More

What Are My Options After My Property Damage Claim Is Denied?

If you have been injured in a property damage accident in Florida, you may be wondering what options you have left. After all, property damage claims are often difficult to win - especially in Florida's current insurance market. Fortunately, you have several paths you can take after your claim is denied. What Are My Legal Options After a Property Damage Claim is Denied? Most often, successful bad faith cases involve Read More

Do I Need an Attorney for a Closing?

Although several states require an attorney to oversee the closing process for real estate transactions, Florida is not one of them. As such, many Floridians who purchase a beautiful piece of real estate wonder if hiring an attorney is necessary for their own closing. While it’s not required by state law, bringing an attorney into the closing process can remove a lot of the headache in doing things yourself - not to Read More

Senate Bill SB 2D Brings More Changes to Florida’s Insurance Market

In an effort to address the continually rising Florida insurance rates, Senate Bill SB 2D was signed into law on May 26, 2022. The new bill introduces some great new protections for Florida homeowners, and will hopefully be successful in addressing some of the issues currently plaguing the insurance market.  New Rules for Insurance Companies Florida property insurance companies now have a few more rules to follow, Read More

Clarifying Florida’s Updated Wage Laws

Near the end of last year, Florida codified new wage laws that will have some substantial effects on businesses, including new minimum wage increases that will slowly ramp up over the next few years. Businesses should be careful to keep a close eye on the calendar, as they’ll need to adjust wages yearly to remain in compliance - and employees should keep a close eye on their wages to ensure they’re being fairly Read More

What does the FMLA mean to me?

The Family and Medical Leave Act provides important protections to employees throughout the United States. Unfortunately, many employees are not aware of the act or what rights it provides them - leading many businesses to violate the act, knowingly or not. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, ensuring that your workplace follows the rules of the FMLA will allow for a healthier environment and prevent Read More

Florida Insurance Reform Brings Competition, and Potentially Change, to Market

Over the past few years, the market for home insurance in Florida has been tumultuous, to say the least. You’re likely already aware of this, or at least have noticed your premiums seemingly skyrocketing - an issue that insurance companies claim stems from Florida’s homeowner insurance statutes, and other litigation surrounding Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state-owned “insurer of last resort”.  The Florida Read More

Making Sense of Vaccine Mandates

One of the largest points of conflict for Americans during the pandemic has been on vaccine mandates. Regardless of opinions on the topic, it’s important for business owners to keep up to date on the regulations to keep out of trouble. Unfortunately, messaging throughout the pandemic and details of regulations have been cloudy, if not outright confusing. In January, the federal courts struck down vaccine mandates for Read More