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JP Salas

CEO & Founder, Principal Partner

JP Salas and Michael Green, each with unique experience and expertise, make up a well-rounded team of individuals who work well together and with our clients. We are seasoned professionals and acknowledged leaders in our practice, having represented businesses and individuals in all types of matters. The “team” aspect of our work is what makes Salas Law Firm unique. While our attorneys are excellent and well respected in their practice areas, we do not believe that is sufficient for our clients and believe it is our cooperative team dynamic that helps power our success.

Together, working as a team, we are able to collaborate and contribute our individual skill sets and experience, and we are able to provide our clients with better legal service. Working in a lean, collaborative, creative environment, absent the distracting white noise of big firm bureaucracy, allows us to put our clients’ needs first and focus exclusively on those needs. Our team is committed to doing just that.