Challenges facing our beautiful South Florida homes

We live in a sub-tropical paradise throughout a good deal of the year. But that paradise can take its toll on your home.

The age of your home, combined with seasonal weather threats and humidity, all pose dangers that over time may lead to major problems. Fortunately, an experienced insurance claim lawyer can help you wade through the challenges should you, your family or a community member experience damage to your homes.  

5 Common Challenges facing South Florida Homes:

Wind & Rain: Probably among the more typical insurance claims is the presence of rain, and rain before, during and after wind events. Wind and rain is a slow moving threat to your home. Storm and wind event claims are able to be made up to three years from when a storm makes landfall.

Cast-Iron Pipes: If you are a homeowner or own commercial property, and it was built before 1975, you could potentially have a large issue on your hands with cast-iron pipes. Cast-iron pipes lifespan averages around 50 years, and the number of homes needing to update its plumbing is well over 50 million in the US alone. Even if you don’t see the issue, there may be underlying causes or water damage as a result of old and leaky pipes.

Mold: Mold, in a lot of cases, is the byproduct of moisture being trapped in your home. Forming in crawls spaces in the attic or behind drywall means you could have an issue without even seeing it. The physical impacts on your health, combined with the damage, is something you want to test. As part of our consultation and case review, we will offer a mold test. 

Quarry Blasting: A small portion of homeowners living in the blast radius of quarries may start to see subtle impacts to their homes. Frequent blast discharges could potentially shake the foundation of your home causing cracks in the foundation of your home. While small, it could lead to very expensive challenges in the future.

Trees & Other Debris: Florida’s gated and planned communities love ficus trees. Canopy lined streets were probably the vision. However, the expansive root systems can create havoc under the ground. Raised concrete and driveway pavers, but more dangerous is the branching root system under your home. It could create issues for your plumbing, raise your water bills significantly and become very expensive to fix. 

These are just a few of the elements, and by no means an exhaustive list. Contact Salas Law Firm, P.A. today for an evaluation from an expert insurance attorney. Our Plantation, Florida office serves Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. Give us a call at 954-315-1155.

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