Can my insurance company drop me if I sue them?

As an insurance claim lawyer, two questions I am asked frequently is whether or not an insurance company would drop someone if they filed a lawsuit against them?

First of all, we reduce the risk because we pursue your legal right under the law. A home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your life. Before any notice or communication between an insurance claim lawyer and your insurance company, we will review your claim to make sure there is validity in the pursuit and not jeopardize your livelihood.

Furthermore, insurance claim lawyers do not get paid unless you do, either. So we offer consultations to review the specifics of your case and then move forward only when there is an agreement between you – our client – and a lawyer from our team. 

Lastly, it makes little or no sense for an insurance company to drop your policy should you move forward with a lawsuit. Especially because it’s an improvement that will only make your home more secure and less susceptible to more severe damage. 

You are making a decision to pursue the proper course of action to fix the single largest asset you will ever own, so an insurance claim lawyer should be someone who works with you and never exposes your livelihood for a quick gain.

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John Salas