3 Reasons Attorneys Could Provide You an Edge at a Real Estate Closing

So, you finally made it to the closing table. It’s been a long journey, but you’re about to finally take ownership of your dream house. There are just a few loose ends to tie up. Before you got here, you, as a Florida homebuyer, had a choice between hiring a title company and an attorney to handle the closing process. 

Specifically, you needed title insurance to protect yourself from financial loss stemming from title defects. Title companies are incredibly useful for many homebuyers. While Floridians buying real property are not required to have an attorney present at closing, there are a few advantages to retaining the services of one. 

  1. Attorneys can closely examine inspection reports and advise buyers if it lays out an issue with the target property. The buyer’s rights when it comes to inspections are governed by contract. Because attorneys have formal legal training and certification, they are uniquely positioned to address any issues that arise during a home inspection. Title companies are often unable to protect the buyer against losses stemming from the inspection; conversely, your attorney would be able to give you advice on the best path forward. 
  2. You can bring on an attorney early in the process. While title companies provide important services for buyers, they usually enter the picture during a fairly limited window of time. You can gain a sense of continuity from attorneys as they can be there during contract negotiations and other significant points in the process. Additionally, your attorneys will be able to answer questions, which bolsters an overall smooth closing process. 
  3. Lawyers can help buyers determine the best way to take title. Again, title companies insure buyers against personal financial loss stemming from title issues. Once a title issue is identified, attorneys can step in and chart out the optimal course of action for clients. Whether the buyer wants to cure the title issues or back out of the sale, an attorney can be there to guide them to a satisfactory resolution. 

Having someone with knowledge of the Florida Bar rules and regulations is advantageous for any Floridians buying (or selling) real estate in the Sunshine State. While Salas Law Firm has worked well with countless title companies, we would love to be your trusted advisor throughout the closing process and are happy to act as the title agent as well. Our firm is prepared to give you personalized legal help and draw up addenda to existing contracts so your rights are protected. 


The legal team at Salas Law Firm has decades of combined experience guiding clients through smooth and efficient real estate transactions. Above all, we put our clients first and make sure they understand our legal strategies. Once everyone is on the same page, we execute to achieve results. Ready to set up a consultation today? Call our team at (954) 315-1155 to get started.

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