Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums Are Going Up—If They Haven’t Already

Florida’s insurance carriers have claimed, for years, that they are in dire financial straits. While there are plenty of indicators otherwise, the bottom line for policyholders in the Sunshine State is that carriers will attempt to recoup these alleged losses through any means possible. Some Florida homeowners have already seen dramatic increases in their premiums, and others should prepare for future hikes.

Additionally, carriers often attempt to recoup their alleged losses by refusing to pay otherwise valid claims. In turn, policyholders with valid, covered claims find themselves in a difficult situation where they have to to do one of two things: (1) do nothing and just accept the invalid denial or lowball settlement; or (2) fight back by hiring an insurance claim attorney or public adjuster to advocate on their behalf.

Don’t File a Claim Before Speaking With an Insurance Claim Lawyer

Shouldn’t your insurance company have your back after you’ve paid your premiums in full, on time, for years? Yes, your company should always give you a fair amount for a covered loss. And, if you have a legitimate claim, Salas Law Firm can help you fight back if you’re not getting what you deserve. But you should speak with an insurance claim lawyer to ensure that making a claim is worth it, as there are several considerations you should address : 

  • After you file a claim, your premiums and/or deductible might increase. 
  • How much do you think your claim is worth? 
  • The duty of policyholders to mitigate losses is often used as an excuse for insurance carriers to not pay out otherwise legitimate claims. 
  • Your insurance carrier is allowed to ask you to provide a statement in support of your claim. Any statements you make to your insurance company will probably be recorded, as well. 
  • You don’t have forever to make your claim. The statute of limitations for making a property claim in Florida is four years, but it can be shortened in certain circumstances. 

After considering these important factors, you should contact the insurance claim lawyers at Salas Law Firm to make a more informed decision about filing a claim. We know that you might be worried about money, seeing as you might have to pay a hefty deductible to get your home repaired. Except in special cases, our firm works on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t pay us unless your insurance company pays you

When should you contact us? The sooner, the better. We can advise you on your obligations after a suspected covered loss and help put you in a better position to recover. In fact, we don’t recommend speaking to your insurance company at all after a covered loss. Our team is ready to help you properly submit your claim so your life can get back to normal as efficiently as possible. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

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