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Underpaid, Denied or Delayed insurance Claims?

Important information about new, existing or closed insurance claims?

In the state of Florida, insurance companies are required to act in your best interest as a policyholder. This means that they must work quickly to respond or adjust your claim, work with you to remedy a claim vs. protecting their own interests and provide transparency.

If you feel your insurance company is giving you the run around on a claim, making it difficult to fix your property or underpaid a prior claim we will review your case with no money out of your pocket.

Your right’s are our fights!

Insurance claims denied, delayed or underpaid?

Let's review your insurance claims!

    Client Success Story

    A homeowner submitted a claim due to an air conditioner leak that caused extensive damage to their home, which included cracks to the marble flooring. The insurance company investigated the loss and concluded that the cause of the cracks was “settling of the foundation” and denied the claim.

    The homeowner contacted Salas Law Firm, P.A. to review the denied claim. After further review the homeowner policy contained an important and overlooked exception to the “settling of the foundation” exclusion. The policy stated that that the “settling” exclusion would not apply to any settling caused by accidental leakage from an air conditioning system. Realizing the difficulty in proving that the settling was not caused by the air conditioner leak, the insurer paid the full value of the damage.

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