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Salas Law Firm stands as a beacon of legal expertise and dedicated advocacy for our clients. Our team, comprised of seasoned litigators, boasts a consistent track record of success in Florida’s state and federal courts. Renowned for crafting effective litigation strategies, we ensure optimal results, whether in the dynamic environment of the courtroom or through strategic negotiation. Salas Law Firm is committed to being more than just your legal representation; we are advisors and partners in navigating your unique legal challenges.

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Legal Practice Areas

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Legal Practice Areas

Salas Law Firm, P.A. offers expert legal services in key areas essential to our clients in Florida. We handle everything from insurance claims and employment legal issues to business practices challenges and real estate matters. Our approach is direct and effective, ensuring that each client receives personalized and clear legal guidance. Whether it’s a complex legal situation or a standard procedure, our team is ready to provide the support and solutions you need. We focus on results, striving to exceed your expectations with every case we handle.

Insurance Law

Our proficient insurance claim lawyer specializes in handling insurance disputes and is an expert at navigating policy complexities to secure fair insurance claim settlements for clients. We ensure your insurance rights are upheld.

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Employment Law

Our employment law lawyers advocate for employee rights and provide legal guidance to business organizations, covering all aspects of employment law from hiring to dispute resolution.

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Business Law

We offer legal assistance for all business matters, including company formation, contract negotiation, and dissolution, ensuring legal compliance and protection for business entities.

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Closings and
Title Services

Our team efficiently manages real estate closings and title services, ensuring smooth transactions for real estate professionals, sellers, and buyers.

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Real Estate

We are experts in managing real estate disputes, including property damage claim and other property-related legal issues, delivering strong legal solutions.

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Stay informed and empowered with the latest insights from Salas Law Firm. Whether you're looking for the latest developments in Florida law, practical advice, or firsthand accounts of our client experiences, this section is your go-to resource for valuable legal knowledge and firm updates.

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Our Mission: Excellence in Law, Unwavering Ethics

At Salas Law Firm, we uphold a mission that intertwines legal excellence with steadfast ethical standards. Our practice is built on the foundation of delivering superior legal services while adhering to the highest principles of integrity and responsibility.

We believe in creating a legal environment where our clients feel confident and supported, knowing their cases are handled not only with professional expertise but also with moral uprightness. Our dedication to these values shapes every aspect of our work, from individual client interactions to the broader impact we aim to make in the legal community.


Awards and Recognition

Salas Law Firm is proud to showcase our legacy of excellence, built on decades of legal expertise and reinforced by numerous awards and recognitions. Our commitment to exceptional legal service has earned us accolades in various aspects of law, underscoring our dedication to client success and legal proficiency.



Our firm offers services for our Hispanic community.

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Our firm offers

نتكلم العربية

Our firm offers services for our Arabic community.

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Have questions or need legal assistance in Fort Lauderdale or Naples, Florida? Reach out to Salas Law Firm today. Our team is ready to listen and provide the guidance you need. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.



Words From Clients

We highly recommend Salas Law for clients who need representation against insurance companies. JP Salas has defended many of our clients when the insurance company denied or underpaid them. We have fo…
Very knowledgeable, ethical and hardworking attorney. He fights for his clients with passion and his firm offers exceptional service to its clients.
Ms. Bartolini is a very knowledgeable, ethical and capable attorney deserving of your highest rating.
JP is a good man and lawyer. Committed to his craft and exhibits the ethics all lawyers should have.
JP Salas nos acompañó por 2 años hasta que nos dio el triunfo de nuestro caso, ganamos!… La verdad conseguir a JP ha sido lo mejor que nos pudo pasar.
I know Mr. Salas personally. He is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and diligent. Whenever a client of mine or I have a question about an insurance claim issue, he is my source for complete and ac…
JP Salas Law offers the most personalized legal service, they understand what the client needs are and handle the process in a smooth and stress-free way, delivering excellent results!
“Fair, kind and compassionate. A better lawyer does not exist.”
Mrs. Bartolini was an excellent and competent co-counsel on our joint cases, caring, knowledgeable and extremely ethical and moral in her practice. I recommend her highly
I was involved in a trial and JP was one of the opposing counsel. The trial was hard fought but both sides were ethical and respectful. Mr. Salas was very well prepared.